Biodiversity Training & Mentoring on Rummery's Hill

Biodiversity Training & Mentoring on Rummery's Hill

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The issue

The Rummery's Hill Landcare Group has 26 landholder members, managing approximately 11000 hectares that is part of a regionally significant 100km wildlife corridor for koalas, quolls and other endangered wildlife. The group has operated since 2009 and members have expressed a strong desire to protect the natural asset they each have, while still operating profitably. Many of the groups landholders and adjoining neighbours have little knowledge or understanding of the biodiversity on their properties or the importance of the environmental services provided by native vegetation and wildlife. By addressing these needs  it will help to secure the future management of their properties and the important wildlife corridor.

The solution

Rummerys Hill Landcare members and friends attended an event with guest speaker, Alex Dudley.  The group ventured into the paddocks to discover things they don’t usually see including a black headed snake, a Dunnart’s nest, wolf spiders, swamp wallabies, a satin bower bird’s bower and tracks and traces of cryptic wildlife were explained.

Alex talked about the importance of leaving old trees, shrubs, fallen logs and rocks as habitat for native fauna and they in turn will benefit the landholder by providing habitat for lots of wildlife who eats insects and pest animals. Birds are the most visible predators, but there are also insectivorous bats, echidnas, sugar gliders, predatory and parasitic insects that consume lots of insects every day. Tom Faithfull, bird enthusiast, also identified and spoke about different birds seen on the day.

This was followed by a BBQ and work on the groups Action Plan to set the direction for the group in the future. We were also entertained by Alex narrating his poetry during the paddock tour and over dinner

The impact

By running this event land managers in the Rummerys Hill area were able to learn the importance of biodiversity in their area. GLENRAC also gained 9 new members through the running of this event.

Key facts

  • 25 participants
  • Alex Dudley identified different snakes, spiders and birds
  • GLENRAC attracted 9 new members

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