Community Winter Garden Weekend success!

Engaging new participants & partnerships in Landcare activities

Community Winter Garden Weekend success!

Engaging new participants & partnerships in Landcare activities

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The issue

The 2019-2020 bushfires had a devastating impact upon the Glen Innes region following 18 months of intense drought, challenging the community physically and mentally, as well as hindering opportunities for social interaction. This project aimed to host two garden events in the Torrington and Glen Elgin regions which were directly impacted by bushfire, bringing together community members in a laid back environment where they could catch up with friends old and new, whilst also enjoying learning garden design tips from leading industry experts.

The solution

GLENRAC organised a winter garden weekend to take place across the 2021 June long weekend in two gardens that were directly impacted by bushfire: ‘Rosedale’ at Stannum, and ‘Whinstanes’ at Skeleton Creek. Both events included a presentation and garden tour by gardening author and Gardening Australia presenter alumni Meredith Kirton, as well as talks by local nursery owners and experts Sarah Caldwell from Mole Station Native Nursery and Pam Youman from Black Mountain Nursery. The local NSW Department of Primary Industries Recovery Support Officer Jane Munro also chaired both events.

The impact

260+ people turned out to enjoy the garden weekend. Many had previously never attended a GLENRAC event before and 30+ new memberships were acquired. LP funding allowed GLENRAC staff to design these unique events never hosted before in the region, and engage with new partners such as the DPI Local Recovery Support Officer, Meredith Kirton, Black Mountain Nursery, Deepwater School P&C and Glen Innes Pony Club. Local small businesses were also supported at the event, with handmade crafts by Carmel Yeoman, Allana Price and Bridget Brummell gifted to the presenters and vouchers to the Garden Patch Nursery awarded as prizes.


The overwhelming turnout to the first GLENRAC Winter Garden Weekend highlights the joy of gardening and its important role in recovery after devastating events, as well as how important it is for people in rural communities to have opportunities for social interaction. The number of new attendees and first-time partnerships fostered shows the power of working with the community to create a positive impact.

“I felt the need to respond positively to the wonderful garden event so well organised by GLENRAC last weekend. The whole concept & execution were targeted to those who clearly benefited from the experience. So timely and the response so enthusiastic. Sincere thanks to all staff who put in a winning effort.” - Winter Garden Weekend attendee.

Key facts

  • 260+ people attended the events, many of them new participants
  • New partnerships were fostered, including with the NSW DPI Local Recovery Officer, presenters, nurseries and caterers
  • Local crafts and nursery vouchers were gifted and awarded

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