Pest Animal Control Field Day: Bait Preparation

Feral pig and predator (foxes, wild dogs, cats) bait preparation day.
  • When 12 Mar, 2014 from 12:01 PM to 05:01 PM (Australia/NSW / UTC1008)
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Feral Pig Control:

• Different grain types

• Preparing grain, fermenting,use of lures

• Poison delivery techniques

• Ways to maximise baituptake


Predator Control (Wild Dogs, Foxes, Cats):

• Multiple species control

• Ways to integrate baits, different meats and levels of dryness

• Humane destruction, drop tags and avenues to source meat for coordinated group baiting programs

• Bait preparation techniques

• Ways to maximise bait uptake

• Efficiently breaking down a carcass

• Practical demonstrations of how to get the most from a carcass, boning and bait size.