Gloucester Road Bushcare Group works in Lower Terrys Creek Bushland, Epping.

Natural and Cultural Heritage
  • Soil derived from Hawkesbury Sandstone
  • Vegetation Community E. piperita - A. costata Open Forest and Community and  E. pilularis - A. costata - S. glomulifera Tall Open Forest
  • Reserve is known to contain significant bushland habitat
  • Vegetation is of local conservation significance (Tall Open Forest)
Condition/ Impacts
  • This reserve has a healthy intact canopy throughout and the core bush is relatively weed free (fair-good). Weed infestation is more severe adjacent to the M2, along the creekline and behind residential properties (poor).
  • Encroachment from adjacent residential properties
  • Sewer line
  • Stormwater
  • Fragmentation from construction of M2
  • Monthly water testing has been carried out in Terrys Creek at the end of Somerset Street, Epping since 1994. In 2001/2002 physical indicators were ranked ‘fair’, chemical indicators were ranked ‘fair’ and primary contact recreation was ranked ‘very poor’
Main weeds
  • Privet, Pittosporum, Lantana, Blackberry, Kikuyu, garden escapes
  • There is an informal track from the end of Somerset Street, along the creekline to Epping Road
  • This reserve has healthy core bushland and may be a good area for future contract bush regeneration
  • The vegetative litter layer is thick, the high fuel load indicates the reserve hasn’t been burnt for some time
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