2017 Landcare Champions of the South East

On 29th November 2017 thirteen local champions were acknowledged for their contribution to natural resource management in the South East Region at an awards ceremony in Goulburn NSW.

1. Mark Farrell
2. Jennifer Slattery
3. Wendy and Alan Hyman
4. Lynette Miller
5. Aust. Plants Society- Southern Tablelands Group
6. Mark Selmes
7. Tom McCormack
8. Gunning Feral Fox Program
9. Bob Spiller
10. Leon Hall
11. Steve Douglas
12. Rod Dewey
13. Tarlo/MiddleArm Landcare Group

Landcare Champions: CHAMPION ( definition ) Verb: to promote, encourage, develop and defend. Usage: The person is a Landcare Champion who has been active in promoting the Landcare ethic, encouraging broad involvement of individuals and communities, developing and making changes that enhance the environment through their actions and involvement, and acting to defend the Australian landscape, vegetation and living things. Qualities that were noted in our Champions included perseverance and continuous involvement over a long period, innovative approaches to problem-solving, involvement in sharing knowledge and experiences and promotion of the ideals of Landcare through local action. Our Champions represent a wide variety of interests and involvement. While the awards concentrate on members of the ‘-Care’ organisations they are also open to a wide range of supporters from employees of Natural Resource Management organisations, schools, community groups and commercial organisations. The Champions Awards event is designed to recognise some of the many enthusiastic volunteers who make major contributions to their local environment and their local community. Through this event, it is hoped that there will be an opportunity for sharing experiences and knowledge.