Tarlo/Middle Arm Landcare Group

This group has shown great perseverance and continuing commitment to protecting, repairing and regenerating their natural environment, and are now seeing the return of native flora and fauna. The Group formed in 2004. Presently they have four sites under management: Rhyanna Rest on the Tarlo River, Wooroodooroonbidgee Creek, Tarlo River at Goulburn Road, and Holloways Road, Tarlo. They also have a Native Plant Nursery at the Middle Arm Hall.

One of the original sites, at Rhyanna Rest, had been platypus habitat, as well as a swimming hole enjoyed by the local people, until it became infested with weeds and species such as crack and basket willows. The willow infestation caused reduced water flow, and silting which diminished the water holes and led to degraded river banks. With the removal of willows and the planting of native trees such as wattled, tea trees and candlebark, there are now positive signs of regeneration. Both water quality and quantity have improved alongside an increase in biodiversity. The return of the platypus to the area has been celebrated.

The road verge adjacent to Rhyanna Rest is used by the group for seed collection as it is easy to access. Among the species present are Black Sallee (E. stellulata). The seeds are propagated at the Nursery at Middle Arm Hall. Propagation of local natives for return to the sites increases the effectiveness of plantings.

Another site is a large roadside reserve lying between Holloways Road and Taralga Road, Tarlo, started in 2010. It has seen significant reduction in woody weeds, particularly hawthorn. Getting a grant for contractors to assist here was worthwhile. Restoring the site to Yellow Box woodland from hawthorn thickets has been hard and painful work, which is now paying off.

The Tarlo/Middle Arm Group have developed a management model that they use on all sites:

  • Investigate the site’s remediation needs
  • Research appropriate remediation methods
  • Prepare a management plan highlighting both short and long-term objectives
  • Compile a simplified financial plan including possible sources of funding
  • Devise a basic Gantt Chart to monitor the flow of the works
  • Evaluate the short and long-term objectives.

Here is a short video about the group https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3Lqvm6Yd3Y