Wendy and Alan Hyman

Convenors and volunteers with Currabunda Bushcare Group

Wendy and Alan are longstanding members of Currabunda Bushcare Group in Bundanoon and have made substantial contributions to the group, which has transformed a set of three derelict and blackberry-covered dams into a wetland nature reserve. Alan has been the co-convenor of the group since 2013, with Wendy’s constant support and involvement. Clearly they make a great team. Their work, with the group, has ensured that the Currabunda Group’s restoration works and other community projects are thriving.

Under their stewardship, the group is growing, the initial project continues to prosper and more sites have been adopted. At nearby Jordans Crossing, a corridor of a Critically Endangered Ecological Community, Southern Highlands Shale Woodland and Forest, was saved from becoming the site of a mountain bike track by engaging the support of the wider community. Development of a community tree planting site to extend the numbers of suitable Casuarina species and expand the habitat and food supply for the Glossy Black Cockatoos has also been undertaken.

Alan is a keen amateur butterfly and insect observer with significant knowledge to share. This has assisted fellow Bushcare members and Council’s Bushcare team and he has been involved in carrying out butterfly surveys for the National Parks and Wildlife Service. His beautiful painting adorns the cover of “The Gib”, an excellent book produced by the Mt Gibraltar Landcare/Bushcare group.

Other activities undertaken by Wendy and Alan include volunteering with Friends of Morton National Park and at Cecil Hoskins Nature Reserve.

Alan’s philosophy is that, in the scheme of things, without each species, we are ourselves diminished. Everything has its place as part of the environment, and every species lost is something gone. Enjoyable aspects of being in Landcare are the social cohesion and love of nature shared by the group, despite the horror of the changes being wrought by modern progress. Alan stated ‘That nothing on the planet is honest except nature. We can see what is happening to the planet so we are putting small efforts back to redress the balance, keeping the remnants going in hope that it keeps the ecology going a bit longer, despite being rather pessimistic about the general greed and ignorance that we see’.

Here is a short video about Wendy and Alan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCUXTbpMnZU