Managing our farm dams to maximise livestock performance and maintain biodiversity

The ongoing hot and dry conditions are extremely challenging for our farmers, farms, livestock and biodiversity. In these times we are reminded of how important natural assets on farms are, not only for production but also for biodiversity, whether they are scattered paddock trees providing shade or shelterbelts slowing the wind and providing refuge for wildlife. These assets also includes natural water assets such as farm dams and creek lines. While water is in short supply across much of this region, it is essential that the little water we do have is managed well to maximise livestock performance and to maintain our biodiversity.

Join The Australian National University’s Sustainable Farms team, South East Local Land Services District Vet, Landcare, Greening Australia staff and the Edward’s Family at ‘Bohara’ Breadalbane on the 15th of February, for an afternoon field day to look at how to get the most out of farm dams for production and biodiversity. This free event starts at 5pm, is family friendly and finishes with a BBQ. For more information and to register go to or call Mason Crane on 0427770594. To learn more about Sustainable Farms and to see more events go to the web page