Empowering Our Communities

Coming together in times of hardship.

Empowering Our Communities

Coming together in times of hardship.

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The issue

Granite Borders Landcare is based in Tenterfield which during 2019 has had two State of Emergency declared due to catastrophic bush fires coupled with prolonged drought conditions. These compounding circumstances has seen an alarming increase of people in our community suffering depression, stress and anxiety. Our organisation is in partnership with Council, mental health networks and the Salvation Army to try to assist these community members and their families to gain access to the assistance and support they need. In addition our Landcare network wanted to provide a way that these people could come together in a fun and informal way to be able to share experiences, heal and form supporting networks.    

The solution

Our Landcare organisation is proud of our history and role in the community as a conduit for peoples increased participation in educational workshops and building social cohesion. Early in 2019 Granite Borders Landcare received a grant from phn Hunter New England and Central Coast to host a series of work shops to provide opportunities for socially isolated people to participate in workshops, events and training that would engage them into community life. This funding was used to host an important event for bush fire affected women where they where facilitated to make prayer cards. This event was attended by ten women who engaged in a facilitated conversation about the events they experienced as a beginning to assist to heal and form new bonds with other affected people.  

The impact

We believe that through this workshop the attendees where given the opportunity to express their feeling on the crisis they had been through and know that they are supported. Feedback from the attendees was extremely positive with them organising another workshop to be conducted a few months later.  

Key facts

  • Coming together in a time of crisis.
  • 10 bush fire affected women attend healing workshop and form new social connections.

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