Fire Action Planning

Fire planning, action and community connection through fire plan sharing in Tenterfield Shire

Fire Action Planning

Fire planning, action and community connection through fire plan sharing in Tenterfield Shire

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The issue

Tenterfield Shire has experienced two massive fire events in quick succession, with the 2019/2020 Black Summer bushfires; and those that encircled the town in 2023. The intensity of these fires is exacerbated by environmental factors. The granite country throughout the shire has well-draining soils, increasing any effects and recovery from dry periods. Dominant flammable weeds (e.g., African Lovegrass) carry fire at high speed. Climate modelling suggests more extreme weather events with average temperature rises which will continue to favour high intensity bushfires. Added to this is an increasing number of newcomers to the area with little or no bushfire experience.

The solution

We worked with NSW Rural Fire Service in Tenterfield and Glen Innes, Friends of Tenterfield Aerodrome (FOTA) to design a workshop on fire action planning around some key considerations: 1. Knowledge and awareness (fire behaviour and firefighting resources); 2. Planning and action (steps before and during fires); 3. Connection (collaboration and communications in/around fires). Two former members of both NSW RFS and NPWS with solid bushfire action plans shared past fire experiences and how they address these considerations in their preparedness for bushfire. Current NSW RFS leaders fed into these plans in an open consultative process, that participants workshopped for their own properties.

The impact

The Fire Action Planning workshop increased awareness of the seriousness of fire threat and the steps that can be taken, understanding resources available, sharing lessons and solutions, creating actionable preparations, purchasable resources, threats, impediments and conditions specific to local and regional situations. Having maps to plan around was useful for these discussions. An invaluable outcome from this was the degree to which participants shared their tips and techniques for bushfire preparedness, action and communications. The feedback speaks for itself:

'I will also be printing out the notes from Pam and Ian and work through these, line by line, putting in place what I can on our own property' H.A.

Key facts

  • Fire Action Planning
  • Community and RFS collaboration
  • Sharing ideas around bushfire threat

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