Going Online to Connect

Moving Activities Online during Covid Lock Down to Stay Connected

Going Online to Connect

Moving Activities Online during Covid Lock Down to Stay Connected

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The issue

We received funding from PHN Hunter New England and Central Coast to run a project focus on social connectedness as a key factor in positive mental and physical health and emotional well being. We where hosting a number of events and workshops that encompass social and emotional well being initiatives to support our community which has been significantly impacted by both the prolonged drought and State of Emergency Bush fire events in both March and September of 2019. However, the workshops were stopped due to the lock down enforced by Covid 19. The issue then became how to keep the community connected through these difficult times.  

The solution

The solution was to reassess the project and take as many events online as possible. We were able to have weekly Yogalates and Soul Collage activities for May and June as well as monthly Book Club meetings with authors for May, June and July. We were able to host an additional twenty activities due to reduced project costs relating to travel, venue hire and catering. We also had a greater geographical reach than just Tenterfield with participants connecting from Warwick, Blue Mountains and even New Zealand and America.

The impact

Granite Borders Landcare achieved a greater reach into the community with online activities during Covid 19 and continued to build social connections between socially isolated people through this tough time.  

Key facts

  • Hosting online activities during Covid 19.
  • Keeping the community connected.
  • Increasing number of events due to reduced costs of events related to venue hire and catering.

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