Reuse, renew and recycle.

Alternatives to plastic wraps.

Reuse, renew and recycle.

Alternatives to plastic wraps.

Reaching Out -


The issue

Granite Borders Landcare committee and staff where increasingly worried about the level of social isolation that was beginning to be evident and exacerbated by the long running drought in the Tenterfield region. We wanted to build a program where Landcare could act as a conduit to bringing socially isolated people together in safe environments to learn new skills and foster hidden talents which will build friendships and social connections through these shared experiences. We also wanted to focus on women's only workshops as many had openly admitted that they felt better learning new skills without men present. 

The solution

Granite Borders Landcare received funding through the FRRR Tackling Tough Times Together program to host a series of workshops for women. One of the workshop focused on bees wax food wrap making coupled with making healthy lifestyle choices. This encompassed each participant making their own bees wax wrap which are a natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage. The women enjoyed a fun day learning to make these food wraps which are a sustainable and reusable alternative to single use plastic. The workshop also engage participants in thinking about making healthy lifestyle choices through adopting easy daily self care habits. 

The impact

The funding from FRRR allowed our Landcare network to be able to reach out to connect with socially isolated women in our community. It also bought people together and many new friendships where formed. Women commented on how attending these workshop alone was not intimidating and they where very grateful to be given the opportunity to meet other people in similar circumstances. Overall, these workshops did build confidence and help empower women but most of all it provided a space for women to come to feel nurtured, comfortable and learn new skills. 

Key facts

  • 42 people attended workshops to learn to make bees wax wraps.
  • New skills and increased knowledge on been able to reduce the amount of plastic used in the kitchen.
  • Women building social connections.

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