Tackling Tough Times Together

Building Social Connections & Improving Health and Well Being for Isolated Women.

Tackling Tough Times Together

Building Social Connections & Improving Health and Well Being for Isolated Women.

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The issue

Drought circumstances in the Tenterfield region is deeply effecting individuals, families and the wider community. Landcare is particularity concerned for the rural women as they tend to carry the burden of trying to maintain the family norm in these circumstances. Women who feel lonely and isolated are more likely to report having poor mental health with loneliness is a major risk factor for depression. We wanted to provide a nurturing and supportive space where guidance, fresh ideas and new skills could be developed as well as creating networking experiences to help them become more connected within the community.

The solution

Granite Borders Landcare received funding through the FRRR Tackling Tough Times Together program to host a series of workshops and training opportunities for the women in our region. This project is about bringing socially isolated women together in safe environments to learn new skills and foster hidden talents which will build friendships and social connections through these shared experiences. One such workshop was a ʻbook clubʼ-style program of reading an agreed novel and sharing participantsʼ creative work-in-progress (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, short stories, journalism, etc.) within the group. Participants engaged in exploring and discussing the classic narrative plots that underpin all the great stories (from fairy-tales to novels) and how to apply them to their own written work.

The impact

This project has provided opportunities for socially isolated rural women to participate in workshops, events and training that has engage them into community life. The workshop have built confidence and helped to empower women but most of all it created a space for women to come to feel safe. In addition, the workshops have promoted awareness, knowledge and understanding of obtaining and sustaining good mental health.

Key facts

  • Building resilience in our community.
  • Empowering women with new skills.
  • Providing social connections and improving health and well being.

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