Partnerships in Landcare – Lake Parramatta Bushcare Kayaking

Lake Parramatta Bushcare Kayaking is bringing adventure to Bushcare and offering volunteers a unique way of getting to the weeds on the beautiful Lake Parramatta.

Being a network means that the Greater Sydney Landcare Network has access to opportunities that can link local and regional volunteers, land managers and funders of Landcare projects to create real partnerships.

The Land
Lake Parramatta and Hunts Creek is one of the most intact area of native vegetation in the City of Parramatta local government area and is also connected to bushland in the adjoining Hills Shire – supporting a surprisingly diverse range of flora and fauna.

The Project
When a volunteer from Friends of the Colo noticed a significant infestation of coral trees on the water’s edge on a remote edge of the lake, they contacted a local landcare coordinator at Greater Sydney Landcare Network who approached City of Parramatta bushcare co-ordinators – who is also a member of the Network.

City of Parramatta Bushcare staff and volunteers, who have been actively restoring the area for the past 25 years, and Friends of the Colo formed a partnership. City of Parramatta Bushcare organised the volunteers and Friends of the Colo supplied boats and their experience and tools to control weeds from kayaks and inflatables. So together they could control the Coral Trees, Box Elders and other woody weeds which had become prevalent on a 2 km stretch of the lake foreshore.

Greater Sydney Landcare Network were made aware of potential funding from Landcare Australia and the Royal Bank of Canada’s Blue Water program. The funding could pay for contractors to do some of the “heavy lifting” in controlling the densest infestations at one site at the lake.

The area of weeds was mapped providing a plan for the coordination of work required.

Funding and Reporting
Greater Sydney Landcare Network sponsored the grant leaving Friends of the Colo volunteers free from the administrative tasks of paying contractors and the reporting that the grant required.

Partnerships in Landcare
Lake Parramatta Bushcare Kayaking is an example of a true landcare partnership – with the Greater Sydney Landcare Network bringing the skills of Friends of Colo to the City of Parramatta residents – helping enhance the environmental showcase that is Lake Parramatta.

Future works can extend up the catchment engaging private and public landholders that will deliver benefits to Sydney’s environment.