Climate Reality leadership in Brisbane

LLC Clare heads to Brisbane to join Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project

Climate Reality leadership in Brisbane

LLC Clare heads to Brisbane to join Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project

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The issue

I work extensively with Landcare, Bushcare and the community volunteers of Sydney. Together, myself and six other Landcare coordinators target areas surrounding loss of biodiversity, youth, marine and fisheries and river stewardship. The ability to bring in a greater element of climate change, to help create real change (rather than just talk) and network (and be inspired by!) some incredible leaders and changemakers was too good to pass up!

Luckily, with my other youth and community-centric role at Catholic Earthcare, the opportunity to attend Climate Reality Leadership Corps training popped up - and I eagerly took it!

The solution

From June 5-7, I joined more than 60 mentors, nearly 50 speakers and more than 700 trainees and leaders at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre. With Al Gore acting as both keynote speaker and part-facilitator, we discussed climate change, policy, climate injustice, and future energy transitions and networked. I live blogged the entire event, and Tweeted key messages from the conference here. Just a few people we met and heard from included:

- Natalie Isaacs - Founder of 1 Million Women
- Numerous leaders and project leaders working in the Torres Straight, Indigenous Communities and the Pacific
- Queensland politicians, Al Gore
- Corporate leaders such as Mike Cannon-Brooks of Atlassian
- Numerous academics including Prof. Xuemei Bai (environment and urban sustainability) and Prof. Terry Hughes (Director ARC Centre of Excellence on Coral Reefs, at James Cook)
- Anna Oposa, Chief Mermaid of Save Philippine Seas 

... and plenty more!

The impact

I've been inspired, and motivated to make climate change awareness and action a reality to the Greater Sydney community- in a time where together we face unprecedented levels of development, environmental destruction and urban heating. I've heard from people experiencing the bigger picture - particularly some beautiful first nations people at 'ground zero'. And I've networked with people from, government, international leaders, business leaders and gay rights activists - just to name a few!

Particularly, I'd like to:

  • Increase culturally and linguistically diverse engagement, bring representation to our committee and support existing groups to continue the incredible work they do
  • Bring Indigenous/first nations people to the committee and support them in caring for country
  • Make climate a key focus of GSLN
  • Bring the 'act global, think local' to our network, and help people understand the climate change impacts that need more exposure i.e Kiribas and Tuvalu inundation


We can't work in isolation, and we're more powerful in partnerships - something I'm going to work on. We have to act now, as the timeframe to take real action on fossil fuels, environmental destruction and climate change is rapidly diminishing. The most we can accept (for want of a better word) is 1.5 degrees celcius, more than that and we'll almost certainly have a uninhabitable equator, extreme weather events, disease disasters, almost total loss of coral reefs, 50% extinction of all plant, animal, and insect species, the wipe-out of Pacific and Oceanic nations. 

We nee to do more than just march, protest and send letters - we ourselves need to take real, meaningful action. We need to marry together over-consumption, address climate action and we ourselves lead by example. 

Key facts

  • 700 trainees, more than 60 mentors
  • 3 days in Brisbane
  • People from 19 countries
  • 7,000 pledges of change made for the next 2 years from across the audience

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