Creating Canopies

Creating Canopies is part of the Million Trees Program that was an election promise by the Berejiklian Government to cool the state by planting canopy species in areas that need more shade. GSLN have entered into a partnership with LandcareNSW to facilitate the planting of 100,000 of these trees in the Greater Sydney area. Would you like some free trees? Read on...

Creating Canopies in Greater Sydney

Greater Sydney Landcare Network, in partnership with Landcare NSW, will be planting 100,000 trees across Greater Sydney from 2020 – 2022, as part of the Premier’s Greening our City initiative.

Our exciting new project, Creating Canopies in Greater Sydney will allow landholders to provide habitat and shade on their land.

Greater Sydney Landcare wants to partner with you, the community of Landcare groups, Bushcare groups, organisations, and dedicated individuals who are working to improve the natural environment in your local areas. We’re looking to you to tell us where you’d like to see trees planted and be the stewards that ensure they survive and thrive. 

We’ll be working with local experts and nurseries to make sure that we get the correct advice on tree species for each site. We will work with our partners to identify strategic sites and corridors that need additional canopy plantings that both provide shade and benefit local ecosystems. 

This project is also an opportunity for Landcare to increase awareness of volunteer opportunities across the Greater Sydney region and raise awareness and interest in improving bushland. Our shared challenge is not only to get the trees in the ground but to monitor them and provide education to ensure they survive.

As Greater Sydney grows, more and more of it is affected by urban heat. This impacts on our communities’ access to the outdoors and connection to nature. We will be targeting heat-affected areas to help create canopies that cool the city. Tree canopies will help to create habitat for wildlife, tree diversity, and a cooler city creating spaces that invite people back into nature.

Creating Canopies in Greater Sydney is looking for volunteers and landholders from across the region interested in participating in tree planting activities and creating future canopies.

If you want to get involved – please get in touch! Email or call 4724 2147.

Or, register your interest in volunteering HERE.