Greater Sydney Landcare is collaboratively working to save the Cumberland Plain Woodland

GSLN has gained a Saving our Species grant to restore the Cumberland Plain Woodland with NPWS as the major partner, across eight different sites for seven years.

Cumberland Plain TECs are facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the immediate future due to loss of geographic distribution from land clearing; a very large reduction in ecological function due to a change in community structure and species composition; a disruption of ecological processes including altered fire regimes; invasion and establishment of exotic species; and degradation and fragmentation of habitat.
he significance of the Cumberland Plain Restoration Program (CPRP) is that it will deliver on outcomes to address these shortfalls, through

a) ecological/ cultural fire planning and implementation
b) vegetation management and
c) structural habitat restoration.

The Program additionally aims to improve the extent, condition and connectivity of the remaining patches of a number of TECs over the long term, with the development of strong partnerships between NPWS and local Councils and, the engagement of volunteers able to restore TECs across the Cumberland Plain – in addition to the education of the local and wider community.

Western Sydney has a new and growing population with a culturally diverse community. It is hoped to reach this audience in an attempt to develop an understanding of environmental stewardship by direct contact, community workshops and the installation of informative material.

NPWS will be sharing their expertise and experience in fire management across all project sites, educating local Councils in this, with other stakeholders (Greater Sydney Landcare, Hawkesbury Landcare and Conservation Volunteers Australia) encouraging volunteer engagement and management.