Greater Sydney Intrepid Landcare

Inspiring the next Landcare generation in Sydney.

Greater Sydney Intrepid Landcare

Inspiring the next Landcare generation in Sydney.

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The issue

Greater Sydney Landcare Network (GSLN) identified that the number of 18-35 year olds involved in Landcare is underrepresented. The lack of volunteer numbers and the aging population pose a serious threat to the longevity of community Landcare projects in the Sydney Region. Due to the stresses that urbanisation places on the environment, it is imperative that we invest in services which support environmental volunteers in the Greater Sydney area.

In 2017 GSLN launched a Greater Sydney Intrepid Landcare project in collaboration with Intrepid Landcare to bring the next generation into the Greater Sydney Landcare community. 

The solution

Intrepid Landcare Leadership Retreats have been held by GSLN in collaboration with Intrepid Landcare to engage small groups young adults aged between 16-35 in Greater Sydney. The retreats aim to support and empower young people to care for their local natural landscape, and to facilitate inter-generational connections within their communities. 

Existing environmental volunteers and professionals are offered youth engagement training through Intrepid Way Workshops, so that the community is prepared to give ongoing support to young people who attend retreats. 

Retreats were run in 2017 and early 2018 in Greater Western Sydney and the North Shore, supported by funding from the NSW and Australian Governments. 

The impact

Major achievements for the Greater Sydney Intrepid Landcare project include, 

  • Running retreats in Hawkesbury, South West Sydney, and the North Shore,
  • Hosting an Intrepid Way Youth Engagement workshop,
  • Engaging 54 local young people,
  • Connecting young people to 23 mentors from their local communities,
  • Providing training in youth engagement to 20 Landcarers,
  • Formation of 4 local Landcare networks driven by young people,
  • Increased number of young people regularly volunteering with Landcare and Bushcare in Sydney.

The Greater Sydney Landcare community has showed overwhelming support and enthusiasm for this project, leading new and strengthened partnerships.

Greater Sydney Local Land Services and Lane Cove National Park hosted their own Intrepid Way Youth Engagement workshops in April 2018.


Key facts

  • GSLN aims to increase engagement of under 35s in Greater Sydney
  • Retreats run in Hawkesbury, South West Sydney, and North Shore in 2017 and 2018
  • Intrepid Way Youth Engagement Workshop hosted by GSLN on April 3rd, 2017
  • Western Sydney, South West Sydney, Western Sydney University, and North Sydney Intrepid Landcare groups formed
  • Retreat participants regularly attend Landcare volunteering events
  • Intrepid Landcare Leadership Retreat planned for December 2018 on the Central Coast