Gunning District Landcare is part of the Upper Lachlan Landcare Network in the Upper Lachlan region of NSW

For more information on Gunning District Landcare check out our website here.

Gunning District Landcare was formed on 30 November 2015 by combining two former local Landcare groups which covered the Jerrawa Creek and Blakney/Biala Creek catchments. The two founding groups recognised that their goals and needs were similar; and collectively more could be achieved.

Gunning District Landcare works towards making our farms, properties, homes and public spaces economically and environmentally sound and sustainable by promoting and encouraging the adoption of natural resource management principles.

We place emphasis in all that we do on the principles that:

  • The plight of several endangered species in our district is caused by declining biodiversity and deteriorating ecosystems so, in working to help their survival, we also help to improve the agricultural and environmental health of our district;
  • Landcare is for all in the district, be they long established full-time farmers, newcomer hobby farmers, rural “blockies” or village residents;
  • Landcare is inclusive;
  • We achieve best results through working in consultation and partnership.

 Gunning District Landcare is supported by the Upper Lachlan Landcare Network.

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