District Fox Baiting Program

There are some 10,000 feral foxes in the wider Gunning district. They are a huge environmental and economic menace. While individuals and authorities have been battling the fox for years, these efforts have been patchy and only partially successful.

Gunning District Landcare wants to have a real impact on this problem. We have been working with South East Local Land Services to develop a sustained and strategic attack on fox numbers across the district and surrounding areas. Foxes will always be with us but we know that if neighbours work together to eradicate foxes over a wide area then we can have a real significant impact on their numbers.

We have established a network of group organisers and will be undertaking at least two major baiting programs each year. Action on this scale has to make a difference. If your property is 10Ha or larger, we ask you to consider joining us.

We offer free training so you can use the necessary 1080 baits safely, ethically and effectively.

While 1080, used strategically, is an essential element of our campaign against the fox it is not the only one. We will be adopting other control techniques over time. And there are other feral pests damaging our environment which we hope to also tackle co-operatively in the future.