Controlling Indian Mynas and Feral Cats

Workshop held at Five Corners, Nullamanna

Controlling Indian Mynas and Feral Cats

Workshop held at Five Corners, Nullamanna

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The issue

It was identified that residents in Inverell could benefit from more knowledge about trapping Indian Myna Birds and feral cats. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the incidence of both is increasing.

The solution

A workshop was held at Shirley Handy's conservation property Five Corners on Saturday 25 May to present information on Indian Mynas and feral cats. Stuart Boyd Law, Shirley Handy and Lee Thompson presented. All presenters are passionate about our environment and have dedicated a lot of their own personal time to trapping and controlling these pests. The participants left the workshop more enthused than ever to do their bit and spread the word about the devastating effect these pests can have on our beautiful surrounds.

The impact

Workshop participants were left with an increased knowledge about trapping and controlling these two invasive pests.

As part of the project we also purchased more Indian Myna Bird traps and have been increasing our communications around these, this includes a weekly reminder on our radio show.

We have also committed to developing a humane method of centralised euthanasia in conjunction with Local Land Services and local vets.

Key facts

  • Feral cats and Indian Myna Birds are becoming an increasing problem.
  • If more persons become aware the problem can be reduced.
  • In Inverell we are continually trying to spread the message that you can do your bit to control these pests.

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