Aust. Gov. Funding Gives Landholders a Helping Hand

Aust. Gov. Funding Gives Landholders a Helping Hand

Reaching Out -


The issue

Landholders want to restore, conserve and protect sensitive areas such as riparian zones on there properties. However, they are often faced with a number of big hurdles such as not knowing where to start or what approach to take, not having access to good learning resources and not having sufficient money to carry out their conservation efforts (and keep maintained). Overwhelmed, the problem is left and over time the problem gets worse.

The solution

Armed with funding from the Australian Government (A Biodiversity Fund Project), the 'Greater Hastings building resilience through riparian landscapes links project'  allowed Hastings Landcare Inc.  the opportunity to reach out to landholders helping them achieve their conservation goals in riparian zones. Hastings Landcare Inc helped landholders overcome their project challenges by giving them assistance wherever possible, visiting projects whenever needed and sharing any observations, providing or sharing learning resources and helping find solutions to any problems that arose during the project.

The impact

Landholder feedback says it all;

  • “I could not have achieved this work without the assistance of this grant”
  • “This has inspired me to do more fencing and native planting on my property”
  • “ It would take us years to save enough money to be able to implement these changes”
  • “I am still finding new stock management benefits from having off stream watering”
  • “Without the advice and support from Landcare and contractors the task of clearing the privet and lantana infestations would have been beyond our capabilities”

Key facts

  • Sharing and learning from each other is an integral part of conservation land management
  • Some landholders can be overwhelmed and not know where to start
  • With knowledge and support many more landholders would able to improve sensitive areas on their properties making a difference at a landscape scale.

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