Building our presence in the local community

Promoting a newly-formed network

Building our presence in the local community

Promoting a newly-formed network

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The issue

The Hawkesbury Landcare Network is newly formed and is largely unknown to the broader community.  We needed to get out into the public with promotional material, display stands and public talks.

The solution

Several opportunities evolved for us to achieve our promotional aims and materials were developed as needed.  These included:

  • Development of promotional material such as brochures and a pull-up banner
  • Developing an email newsletter for the community
  • Hosting a stall at the National Tree Day
  • Hosting a display stand at the Wetlands of the West Symposium
  • Local Landcare Coordinator, Sonia Lee, presented on "Soil management and its impact on Wetlands" at the Wetlands Symposium

The network was greatly supported in these activities by organisations within the region.  Stands at the National Tree Day and Wetlands of the West Symposium were sponsored by the event organisers, Hawkesbury Bushcare, Western Sydney University and the Hawkesbury Environment Network.  Partner network, Greater Sydney Landcare, advised and supported the development of promotional material. The printing of our pull-up banner was funded from the LLCI working budget and graphic artist, Leanne Kelly, was kind enough to contribute the graphic work at a discounted rate.

The impact

The Network was well received at each of these events, contacts were made and our profile is building within the community.  We are starting to receive enquiries from landholders about forming groups and participating in educational events.

Excellent promotional material is now in place and can be for future opportunities.


We learnt that we have a lot of support from local organisations and individuals with similar goals.  Our understanding of and connection with our local community is growing.

Key facts

  • We are already seeing results with landholder enquiries coming in and interest in our developing projects
  • There is strong support for the development of a newly-formed Landcare Network such as the Hawkesbury, from local organisations with similar goals

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