Creating Koala Corridors, Kurrajong

A Regional Partnership project between Hawkesbury-Nepean Landcare Network and Greater Sydney Local Land Services to provide funding assistance to 16 neighbouring properties along Little Wheeny Creek who are collectively restoring over 24 ha of koala habitat and Western Sydney Dry Rainforest in Kurrajong.

In this project model HNLN applied for and received funding from GSLSS to complete on-ground works on 16 properties. This way, HNLN manages funding, coordinates on-ground work with landholders and organised community capacity events rather GSLLS and individual landholders needed to do so. The funding pays for bush regeneration hours, tubestock, planting materials, standard stock fencing materials and a community event(s). Landholders are responsible for engaging contractors, installing fences, planting tube stock and maintenance. At the end of Stage 1, the landholders formed the Little Wheeny Creek Landcare group. As part of Stage 2 the group holds working bees to assist with in-kind hours for planting and they visit each other’s properties to assist with weed management. The energy of these landholders is fantastic and their enthusiasm to learn and share what’s been happening on their properties creates a sense of community and purpose that they would not have had if they carried out individual grants. A community event that welcomes others in the area and provides a chance to learn will be held at the end of the project. Stage 2 is funded through a grant from Greater Sydney Local Land Services and the Coordinated by the Local Land Coordinator who is funded by Landcare NSW and Hawkesbury River County Council. Watch a short video here: