Weed Management Field Day

Weed management field day for cattle and horse owners

Weed Management Field Day

Weed management field day for cattle and horse owners

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The issue

Outcomes of a survey conducted by the Hawkesbury Landcare Network indicate that the Hawkesbury community has a strong interest in educational events that help them to manage their land more sustainably.  Key interest areas are soil and weed management and our largest sector is the horse-keeping community.

Our survey conveyed the strong message that landholders in our area are more likely to participate in Landcare if it provides educational events than if it facilitates the traditional Landcare-group model.

The solution

Hawkesbury Landcare Network partnered with Greater Sydney Local Land Services to run a field day for horse and cattle owners targeting weed management issues and techniques.

The event was held at the property of local landholder Janet Fox, who runs a productive farm and manages part of her land for conservation.

The training was funded from National Landcare Programme funds through Greater Sydney Local Land Services.

The impact

The training was attended by 10 landholders.  Participants were invited to bring weeds for identification and topics included:

  • Weeds that are poisonous to horses and cattle; how to identify them and how to manage them
  • Techniques to manage common problem weeds such as fireweed
  • How to protect fragile areas from soil disturbance and thereby minimise weed invasion
  • Bush regeneration techniques to manage weeds in bushland
  • The most efficient weeding techniques to ensure long-term control

By educating our landholders we are building the knowledge and skills necessary for them to manage their properties sustainability.  By answering a need in the community and providing events such as this, we are also increasing participation in Landcare thereby building a community of likeminded people with whom to share and grow knowledge and increase the responsible stewardship of land.

Key facts

  • 10 landholders attended the field day and increased their knowledge and skill in weed identification and sustainable weed management
  • Educational events targeting the needs of the local demographic increase participation in Landcare

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