Ken the Koala

‘KEN the Koala’ dropped in to the caravan parks at Hawks Nest and Jimmy’s Beach to give a special talk to holiday makers and their children on the facts of life when it comes to Australia’s national treasure.

Myall Koala and Environment Group’s Adrienne Ingram acted as the interpreter for ‘Ken’ answering questions and debunking some myths around our beloved koalas.

“Did you know our Koalas are not bears, they are marsupials, with a pouch and they are only found in Australia,” Adrienne told the gathering.

The youngsters were also given a crash course in koala anatomy from their five fingers to the sounds they make to communicate and that fact that only male koalas call.

President of the Koala Group, Jill Madden said, “The caravan parks asked us to come and give a talk, it was a good experience for us and we’ll look at doing it again over the Easter period.”

Koalas only have a joey every two or three years and unfortunately, numbers in New South Wales have been going down for years.

There’s now estimated to be around 30,000 across the State, where previously there were millions.

A number of reasons have contributed to their demise, tree and forest clearing, so less food, corridors that allow them to move from one patch of forest to another, bushfires, dogs and cats.

If you do spot a koala, its best leave it alone unless it’s injured and then call a local wildlife group and they will tell you what’s the best plan of action.