Hundreds of Natives Planted on Hawks Nest Dunes

Eighteen volunteers gave their time on the dunes at Hawks Nest to work with Great Lakes Council Environmental Officer, Isabelle Strachan, on dune stabilisation and planting native vegetation to help prevent the sand from being washed and blown away.

We met at the south end of Beach Road with bush tools on a clear and warm morning, perfect for working on the dunes.

We planted native dune species which included 200 pig face (Carpobrotus rossii), White Correa (Correa alba), Matt Rush  (Lomandra longifolia), Coast Wattle ( Acacia sophorae),  Fairy Fan-flower (Scaevola), Coast Rosemary (Westringia) and Guinea Flower (Hibertia scandens)

To further stabilise this dune, a shallow trench was dug in the sand and 16 straw bales were placed along it and bedded into the sand.

All work completed, Isabelle supplied the morning coffee and delicious food which everyone enjoyed.