Bitou Busters join Bushcare’s Major Day Out

Bitou Busters Hawks Nest & Tea gardens have registered and will be joining the Bushcare Major Day out.

Check out their web page on Bushcare’s Major Day Out and look for our writeup and photo.

The following information has been provided by Bushcare:

Firstly, of the 80 sites that registered their event for Bushcare’s Major Day Out by June 30, 30 have found themselves winners of spending vouchers for use in helping to run their event. Vouchers were donated to BMDO from Kennards Hire and Forestry Tools while BMDO used some of their funds to purchase some vouchers from a supermarket chain. We are thrilled that NRMA has come on board as a sponsor of Bushcare’s Major Day Out and we are planning to be use some of the money to create banners for advertising Bushcare’s Major Day Out. More on the web site soon. We are attracting many interesting sites as part of this year’s BMDO. Lord Howe Island is one of the latest sites to register for BMDO. Bush regeneration has been carried out on the island since 1995 under the supervision of Ian Hutton. Any mainlanders who would like to combine Bushcare with a holiday should look at the site, Friends of Lord Howe Island. In Queensland, interesting events include a weekend on Fraser Island to help with track work and regeneration.  And the Friends of Police Creek in Gladstone are holding a planting morning followed by a tour of an endangered ecosystem in Byellee Wildlife Reserve. Wow, wish we could be there! This year, BMDO falls on the same day as Threatened Species Day. It is an excellent way to promote Bushcare and locally threatened flora and fauna near your site. We have now started an Instagram account. BUSHCARES_MAJOR_DAY_OUT.  This means if you have any images send them through and we can upload them or simply use the hashtag #BushcaresMDO and we will see them, like them and admire your great work.

As always, please register your planned event as soon as possible on the BMDO website to attract the greatest possible publicity and new volunteers. As well, we want to help you with publicity so please get in touch with us if you would like help getting your local media to promote your event!

Sally HawkinsBushcare's Major Day Out