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Will you add your voice to this campaign?

They a€™re cute and cuddly, but their future is far from certain. Our native animals including the koala, sugar glider and echidna hold a very special place in our hearts as Australians.

You and I are living at critical time for the future of these remarkable animals. I’m writing to ask you to be part of 5 Weeks of Action to protect the laws that protect our wildlife and the habitats they depend on.

For decades, scientists, conservationists and local champions campaigned for, and won, a strong set of laws that safeguard nature in NSW.

Now the NSW Government is planning to make the biggest changes to these laws in a generation.

Will you add your voice to save our Aussie icons?

Premier Mike Baird intends to introduce a new conservation law that will significantly change protections for our forests, koalas and other iconic species.

We know that strong laws work. In the first five years after our land clearing laws were put in place, more than 265,000 animals, including wombats and echidnas, were saved. They were saved because there were common-sense protections against clearing our forests and bushland. Without these laws the future for our wildlife is far from certain.

We're calling on Premier Baird and Opposition Leader Foley to promise that any government they lead will give our natural places and wildlife greater protection.

Will you add your voice to the campaign?

Currently the key thing standing between a koala and a chainsaw are these existing laws, including the Native Vegetation Act. Its absolutely critical they're kept intact until a proven and widely supported replacement is found.

Over the next month or so, as the major parties formulate their positions, we are running '5 Weeks of Action to save our Aussie icons. Let's make it clear to Premier Baird and Opposition Leader Foley that the people of NSW care about nature and want strong protections so future generations can experience our unique natural heritage.

Join us! Kick off 5 Weeks of Action by adding your voice to a letter to Premier Baird and Opposition Leader Foley. We have a plan to put this issue higher on the political agenda, but we can't put it into action without your help.

Thank you for being part of the solution for our wildlife. Together we can refuse to see our unique Australian wildlife lost forever.


Daisy Barham

Campaigns Director

Nature Conservation Council of NSW

P.S. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to have your say on the future of our wildlife. They are depending on your voice.