Second attack on dune project

Hay bales laid by volunteers to stabilise sand dunes at Hawks Nest have been attacked for the second time following the theft in October of 14 hay bales at Jimmys Beach, Winda Woppa.

Vandals removed the 14 replacement bales, piled them up on the beach and set fire to one of them.

The vandalism was discovered by two Bitou Busters Adele and Michael Ritchie and put back in their place on the dunes during their regular weekly work session.

Bitou Busters Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens Co-ordinator Jill Madden said she was very disappointed by the vandalism.

"This kind of thing makes it very hard for volunteers to keep going,” she said.

Police are investigating the theft of 14 hay bales stolen between 17 September and 14 October.