Sun shines on Bitou Buster Volunteers

The Boulevarde at Winda Woppa Hawks Nest.

It threatened rain but none fell for the 17 Bitou Busters who had a very busy and fruitful morning weeding on The Boulevarde at Winda Woppa.


On Saturday 28 May, the BB’s filled a dozen or more bags with the aptly named ground weed mother-of-millions.


Another group chased the morning glory vine while a third team tackled the bitou, and everyone else did a combination of all three.


The council has funding to use a specialised team employing the Worimi Bush Regeneration group to complete a large-scale asparagus control program in Winda Woppa - including The Boulevarde area where the Bitou Busters have been working.

The team has sprayed the asparagus pink so it will be spring before it’s seen how successful their work has been.


Many thanks to all the BBs who came and all those who couldn’t make it to weeding, joining us for coffee after at The Benchmark.