Thank you Bushcare

Banner for Bushcare’s Major Day Out


Bitou Buster’s were quick off the mark after reading an email from Bushcare’s Major Day Out, stating that they were the proud recipient of a NRMA Insurance Community Grant which allowed Bushcare to offer a generous $200 to the first 10 groups who responded to their email. The money was to be put towards having a banner made, to help publicise their event.

Bitou Busters were one of the lucky groups.

A banner was made, but unfortunately it wasn’t available on the  Bushcare’s Major Day Out on Sunday 7 September 2014.

BB now has a banner that allows for a change in date, so that it can be used in many years to come.

This is a photo of the banner with a few of the Bitou Busters before they started work, removing bitou bush, lantana and asparagus from behind the recreation park, Winda Woppa, Hawks Nest.