The Buzz about Bees

Book in early for the North Arm Cove Community Garden Network workshop on native bees Saturday 11 October 2014 from 9.30am – 2.30pm with Megan Halcroft, of Bees Business.


Megan, who has unique experience and a deep love of bees is one of only a few PhD qualified Australian specialists on natives bees. Richard Watkins and other stingless bee keepers will be participating in splitting hives and also offering a taste of the unique native bee nectar.


The importance of bees is a hot topic with farmers and gardeners alike and we have found that there are numerous workshops being offered around the State by various councils and other organisations.  This area is home to a variety of native bees so attending this workshop will provide a unique opportunity find out more about them and their role in the environment.


The workshop will be divided into two parts, with the morning session covering a summary of the life and times of the stingless bee Austroplebeia australis, the bee’s place in our environment including honey bees,stingless bees, semi social and solitary bees, how bees improve crop production, the world wide pollination crisis and the economic importance of bees in our world. Lots of pictures and videos will make this workshop engaging.  You will learn how to identify and attract some of the native bees in your garden and how to conserve and provide habitat for native bees.


Lunch will be provided in the garden and in the afternoon the workshop will look at the practical applications of building a bee palace for your garden and building a take-home bee habitat, with the able assistance of the Raymond Terrace Men’s Shed.


Fees for the workshop is $50.00 per person (seniors and pensioners $45, children free, discounts for couples). Fees will cover the costs of the speakers and materials, and includes refreshments, lunch and a take-away bee habitat for your garden.


Register by email to or phone Maria Pickles 02 4997 3045 by 30 August 2014. For more information on bees, go to or visit