Adventure Day at Wangi

Even though we got a bit wet, we had a great day helping out with some weeding.

On the 18th of June 2017, nine Intrepid Landcarers (two more then expected) met with Janet White of Wangi Ridge Landcare. We grabbed our weeding gear and gloves before Janet gave us a quick safety briefing and then we walked down the ridge line. We stopped twice on our trip down, once to look for a sea eagle when Janet pointed out that the other birds were sending out warning calls, and again at a lookout where Janet told us about the war and farming history of the area and showed us where we were geographically. We then met the other Landcarers working in the area and two of them showed us to an area where they would really appreciate some help weeding and planting. We saw that it was one of the last areas yet to be turned from weed infestation to native woodland so we eagerly jumped in.

After about 30 mins of really productive weeding it started to rain on us but nobody in the group seemed to mind so we happily kept on weeding with good conversation going among the group. Having weeded for about 1.5 hours we decided to stop, dry off and move to a local caravan park that had some shelter. We sat down with one of the Wangi Ridge Landcarers and talked among ourselves for well over an hour while enjoying some delicious morning tea. It was a pity that the rain dissuaded us from going Geocaching (the planned adventure activity) but there was interest from the group to try it another time as nobody else had ever tried it before.

Overall we had a great day, even if we did get a bit wet everyone was having a really good time among friends. The members of Wangi Ridge Landcare made sure we knew how much they appreciated our help and said they would love us to come back for another catch-up. Thanks to Hunter Local Land Services for supporting our event!