Caring for the Land- an Aboriginal Perspective

Weeding on Coastal Dunes and Local Cultural Experience

16 Intrepid Landcarers spent the morning tackling Bitou Bush, and learning from the famous Bitou Busters team! After some pizza lunch, the team began a Cultural Experience with Uncle Paul Callaghan and his son Rhys. The group walked along Yacaaba headland learning about the importance of country and culture from Uncle Paul. The day left a lasting impression on participants, and the group will continue to grow our connection with country. The group was particularly interested in traditional knowledge about our environment and the indigenous value systems of caring for country.

The highlight of the day was a corroboree at sunset where all participants undertook 3 dances under the guidance of Uncle Paul and the amazing explanations and demonstrations by Rhys.

This event occurred on the 17th of June 2017.