30 Years of Landcare book launch and celebration

A celebration of the achievements of 30 years of Landcare in the Hunter.

30 Years of Landcare book launch and celebration

A celebration of the achievements of 30 years of Landcare in the Hunter.

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The issue

On 20th July 1989, the then Prime Minister of Australia, Bob Hawke, declared that the 1990s would be the “Decade of Landcare”. The announcement came after Rick Farley from the National Farmers Federation and Phillip Toyne from the Australian Conservation Foundation collaborated on a proposal that resulted in the birth of Landcare in Australia.

30 years on, in the Hunter, we have hundreds of Landcare groups in existence. Others formed in the past, they achieved their aims, the need was reduced. Some were not able to continue or support was withdrawn. Many of these groups have been reborn because of new interest, a new need for action and/or because support is once again available.

Hunter Region Landcare recognised the need to document the achievements of Landcare in our region over this period of time to enable more activities into the future.

The solution

HRLN decided to publish a book entitled '30 Years of Landcare in the Hunter' with available HLLS partnership funding.  This book captures the stories of the efforts of a vast number of volunteers who have recognised the significance of our natural environment and the challenges that are faced by our society in order to redress degradation in many forms such as weed invasion, loss of habitat for native plant and animal species, water pollution, salinity issues through the removal of trees, and other human impacts.

Through collaboration with our wide community of Landcare groups and individuals, we were able to put together their stories to provide history, insight, hope, inspiration and learnings for all interested in Landcare activities into the future.  HRLN life member and committee members were invaluable in assisting the local coordinators with the collation of stories, information gathering, proofreading and revising each copy along the way. 

The impact

The book was launched on the 31st January 2020 with a fantastic celebration with over 100 people at the Hunter Wetlands Centre.  We had amazing attendance from right across the region with some travelling many kms to be there. Special guests MPs Sonia Hornery and Tim Crakanthorp came to show their support, and John Le Messurier shared his lessons from Glenrock Lagoon. It was very rewarding to see everyone come together throughout the region and make new connections as part of the greater Landcare family.

Each Landcare group received a copy of the book, along with a valuable resource pack with reference books, team leader vests, signboards. This successful regional event is planned to be repeated annually to maintain those connections and budding friendships.

Key facts

  • 46 Landcare Landcare groups were highlighted in the 30 Years of Landcare Publication.
  • Recognition of achievements brings the region together for shared celebration.
  • Regional gatherings with a common purpose creates a sense of community and keeps individuals inspired and connected.

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