Council Collaborations

Working collaboratively with Councils for better NRM outcomes.

Council Collaborations

Working collaboratively with Councils for better NRM outcomes.

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The issue

Each of the 9 councils of the Hunter region have their own environmental or biodiversity strategy that guides the management of their natural assets, providing a direction forward. We wanted to ensure that the work of our Landcare volunteers on council lands aligns with each council’s strategic direction for natural resource management (NRM).

The solution

To address this we:

  • Met with each council’s environment and sustainability staff to better understand their plans and role in NRM for their LGA,
  • Discussed current and future work of Landcare groups working on council lands in their LGA,
  • Discussed the role of the HRLN and Landcare Coordinators in the region,
  • Considered possible collaborative opportunities for future Landcare projects and events,
  • Presented Memorandum of Understandings (MOU’s) as a process for council and HRLN to work on together, to recognise and formalise the relationship and support from both parties,
  • Organised a Regional Council meeting to provide an opportunity to share current strategies and processes, to learn from each other, and to clarify how Landcare fits in with council operational plans for natural assets.

The impact

Through this process we achieved:

  • Open dialogue with the aim of merging Council and Landcarers work together to achieve common goals,
  • Better understanding and appreciation of the role council and HRLN play in regional NRM,
  • Improved support for Local Landcare Coordinators in their work with Landcare groups on council lands,
  • Identified other ways in which Landcare and council need to work together to achieve better environmental outcomes in the region.

Key facts

  • Working collaboratively with Councils as landowners is essential to ensure Landcare activities are part of the regional picture for NRM.
  • Open dialogue with Councils leads to increased mutual understanding about each other's roles and improved support for Landcare initiatives on Council land.

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