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Coastal restoration of Hyams Beach reserves

The aims of the Hyams Bushcare Action Plan are as follows:

1. Regeneration and weed removal on Council owned and managed reserves in and surrounding Hyams Beach.

2. Reverse the decline in large stand of 36 mature Eucalyptus botryoides trees that have become degraded due to compaction and sheet erosion of the surface feeder roots on the crown foreshore reserve opposite house numbers 37 to 45 Cyrus St. One of the aims of the project is to also remove the mowing pressures from within the stand of Bangalay to allow for the recruitment of the next generation of Bangalay Gums to replace old and dying specimens, as per the recommendations the Tree Evaluation and Management Report for the Remnant Stand of Eucalyptus botryoides, Cyrus St Reserve, Hyams Beach Jervis Bay, Nov 2001, Maree Ellis.

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