Group's Projects
Bedlam Bay Bushcare Bedlam Bay Bushcare

This is one of the Hunter's Hill small bird corridor sites. We meet on the 1st Saturday each month at the entrance to Bedlam Bay - Parramatta River Regional Park near the Parramatta River end of Punt Road, Gladesville. For more information call Bev on 0419 206 253 or email

Habitat Network Habitat Network

Habitat Network connects people and habitat - please see - our projects include Hunter's Hill small bird habitat corridor and Shrimpton's Creek small bird habitat corridor. We work with bushcare groups within this corridor including Tarban Bridge Bushcare and Bedlam Bay Bushcare. We also coordinate The Habitat community native plant nursery and community food garden which allows us to connect with the local community to extend habitat through private and public lands.

Shrimptons Creek small bird habitat corridor Shrimptons Creek small bird habitat corridor

Habitat Network and volunteers from The Habitat (supported by City of Ryde Council) are planting small bird habitat islands / havens to connect several populations of small birds located near Epping Road back up along the creekline to The Habitat at Santa Rosa Park, Ryde. Small birds include Superb fairywrens, white-browed scrubwrens and Silvereyes.

Tarban Creek Bridge Bushcare Tarban Creek Bridge Bushcare

This bushcare site is part of the Hunter's Hill small bird habitat corridor. Our aim is to create and maintain viable habitat connections near and under Tarban Creek Bridge and around to Gladesville Bridge.