The Ivy Street Landcare group began work in 2011, following Team Leader Training with the Landcare Resource Centre. The group usually consists of 2-5 members who work on a twiceweekly basis on weeding and regeneration activities.


The main aims of the group for the site are:
• Rehabilitation of degraded native vegetation communities onthe site
• Increased biodiversity of native species
• Erosion control on Wetland and foreshore zones
• Maintenance of pedestrian access to the site for Landcare activities


The group is currently focusing on two areas on the East side of the wetland, commencing below Sherrian Close and working towards Ivy Street:

Area 1 is immediately adjacent to the wetland where work will concentrate on Lantana, Easter Cassia, Crofton Weed, Bitou, and Morning Glory.

Area 2 work should commence adjacent to the mown access strip and sweep towards Ivy street in consecutive lines, moving up-slope in the direction of Sherrian Close. The focus species here will be Morning Glory, Asparagus Fern, Lantana, Honey Suckle, Bitou, and Easter Cassia.

The focus activities for both these areas are:

  • Re-establishment of sections of weed free wetland and bushland zones
  • Regeneration of native plant communities and revegetation where resilience is poor
  • Enhancement of the corridor in the reserve


As well as weeds, the site is impacted by other issues such as illegal dumping (e.g. of Cocos palms and garden clippings - which create more weeds) and illegal clearing and collection of firewood.

The bushland and wetland ecosystems of Ivy Street Landcare site


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