The Kangaroo Valley Environment Group is an incorporated association of Kangaroo Valley residents, who work together to improve the natural environment in Kangaroo Valley. Their roll has expanded in recent years to help farmers in controlling pasture weeds. The organisation was originally formed in 1995 and incorporated in 1998.

Kangaroo Valley Environment Group has 2 major functions:

  • The first is to undertake and organise works on the ground to assist the restoration of the natural environment. The Environment Group has to date completed six on-ground restoration projects funded by Sydney Catchment Authority, aimed at reducing serious weed problems. We have also completed a project targeting WONS (largely Madeira vine), funded through the Federal Government’s Community Action program.  The group has recently undertaken a more ambitious six-year project ‘Repairing Riparian Habitats along the Kangaroo River System’, with funding from the NSW Environmental Trust.


  • The second is to promote increased environmental awareness and action among the residents of Kangaroo Valley.  The Group exhibits a display of our projects and environmental protection information at the Kangaroo Valley Show each year.  We publish monthly articles and features in the Kangaroo Valley Voice.
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