Benefits of volunteering...

Natural resource and conservation groups make a tremendous and essential contribution to the conservation and restoration of our landscapes, but it does not stop there, because such groups contribute to the wellbeing of our society and to the individuals who constitute them. We might also mention that community groups are fundamental to our democracy.

As individuals there are numerous benefits when we join with others to pursue a common goal. We learn to:

  • discover nature and its intricate complexities,
  • make our environment better,
  • experience new areas of knowledge usually denied to us,
  • develop new skills,
  • break down personal and social barriers,
  • share experience with others,
  • make solid friendships,
  • appreciate better what we value about Australia,
  • find ways to influence community attitudes and resourcing of the environment,
  • understand traditional Aboriginal land management techniques, and
  • experience a great sense of satisfaction.