K2C Organisation

The K2C partners elect the K2C Executive Committee annually. Currently the members of the committee are: Geoff Robertson (Chair), Tony Robinson (Treasurer), Rebecca Bradley (SE LLS), John Briggs (OEH), Jenny Bounds (COG), John Fitz Gerald (FOG), Rod Griffiths (NPA, ACT), Debbie Hunt (OEH), Georgeanna Story (UMLC), Tim Wong (ACT Government) and Mike Thompson (NPA, NSW).

K2C Incorporated is a non-profit association that has been established to conduct K2C organisational and financial affairs. Its current executive comprised Tony Robinson (President/Treasurer), Geoff Robertson (Vice President), John Fitz Gerald and Debbie Hunt. The committee meets every two months.

K2C Facilitators are Lesley Peden and Maya Potapowicz. They are responsible for managing K2C’s Land for Wildlife, Friends of Yass Gorge and Save Our Species projects.

There are many roles for volunteers to assist. For any inquiries contact <geoffrobertson@iprimus.com.au> .