High School students create art about Yass Gorge

by Toby Vue, republished from Yass Tribune 26 Oct 2017.

There were about 30 attendees, made up of eight disadvantaged students in year eight and the rest were photography students in years 8–10.

Morning tea catering included bush tucker, made from plants native to Australia such as lemon myrtle muffins.

In the artwork activities, photography students competed to win several prizes, including best photo, funniest photo, best bird photo and best plant photo. The best photos are displayed in library.

The disadvantaged students also created small play-dough sculptures of the plants and birds they saw during the walk.

The students split into three groups. Each group looked at the food chain present in a different area of the gorge: the stream, the grassland, and the shrub land. The final drawings are displayed in the library.

Even coordinator Ryl Park, from Friends of Yass Gorge, said the purpose was to “educate and enthuse students about the treasure they have in the Yass Gorge, which is less than 5 minutes walk away from their high school”.

Library staff thanked Ryl Park for the coordination.

The event was led by Kosciusko to Coast and was funded by the NSW Environmental Trust.