K2C Forum 17 February 2017

At K2C’s forum held on 17 Feb held at Mugga Mugga Education Centre, Rainer Rehwinkel spoke on Ecology, data, the community and connectivity, one of his favourite themes.

Rainer has spent the greater part of his professional career on data gathering to support best approaches to biodiversity conservation and connectivity. Over the years we have seen these data, accompanied by amazing and colourful maps, evolve. Rainer has shared his passion for biodiversity and his intimate knowledge of species, especially wildflowers, with numerous members of the community and whenever there is a question on plant identification, the almost universal statement is “I will ask Rainer about this”.

The K2C region has some of the best mapping of its vegetation anywhere, largely thanks to Rainer’s outstanding contribution. This mapping has greatly assisted to target areas of connectivity.

Following the presentation, Rainer was given a short presentation following his standing down as Chair of K2C after five years of service. The photo taken by Ann Milligan shows some key K2C people, from left to right John Briggs (Office of Environment and Heritage), John Fitz Gerald (Friends of Grasslands), Tim Wong (ACT Environment), Sue Connolly (for many years responsible for the Bush Heritage nursery), Lauren van Dyke (past K2C Facilitator and now volunteer), Rainer Rehwinkel, Tony Robinson (K2C Treasurer and K2C Inc treasurer), Lesley Peden (K2C facilitator), Rod Griffiths (National parks Association ACT) and Geoff Robertson (new Chair of K2C).