Land for Wildlife, 12 March

K2C and NPA hold a successful "who is living on my land" and "Land for Wildlife" field day at Esdale.


Lesley Peden (Facilitator K2C) and Margo Law (National Parks Association) teamed up to run a joint field day on promoting Who is living on my land (NPA) and Land for Wildlife (K2C) projects held at Esdale the property of Fiona Hamer and Craig Moritz at Jier. Some 47 people attended. Apart from Lesley and Margo, speakers included Rainer Rehwinkel (former K2C Chair and OEH Grassland Project Officer) who spoke on how to reconnect disconnected vegetation and John Briggs (OEH) who spoke on recent development in Biodiversity and Native Vegetation legislation and funding opportunities. A great lunch was put on by the organisers with assistance from Louise Frecketon (Highland farm and Woodland) and Ryl Parker. After lunch our hosts led a walk around the property and talked about their efforts to restore native vegetation.