Key partnership themes

K2C's slogan Landscapes-Landholders-Links recognises the importance of our iconic landscapes, native vegetation, plants and animals and the need to conserve and indeed to restore them where they have seriously declined; the importance of landowners to this conservation and restoration effort; and the need to link native vegetation that has become fragmented, to link landowners with knowledge and skills, to link the K2C partners with landowners and landowners with each other and to K2C Partners and landowners with traditional Aboriginal owners.

K2C is committed to increase the resilience, extent and connectedness of target ecosystems and linkages across the K2C region, through working with the community, landholders and indigenous locals. Target ecosystems include: grasslands, woodlands, wetlands and valley floor watercourses, small bush birds, arboreal mammals and threatened forest vegetation communities.

The three government and eleven non-profit associations partners are:

Government partners
ACT Government - Environment and Sustainable Development
Office of Environment and Heritage
South East Local Land Services
Non-profit associations:
Bush Heritage Australia
Canberra Ornithologists Group
Friends of Grasslands
Greening Australia Capital Region
Molongo Catchment Group
National Parks Association of the ACT
National Parks Association of NSW
Nature Conservation Trust of NSW
Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment Network
Upper Murrumbidgee Landcare Committee
Upper Shoalhaven Landcare Council