K2C Land for Wildlife in South East NSW

The Land for Wildlife Scheme is a voluntary property registration scheme for landholders who wish to manage areas of wildlife habitat on their property. K2C as well as various K2C partners are delivering a Land for Wildlife program in the K2C region.

Interested landowners may attend workshops to learn more about Land for Wildlife and or apply to have their property assessed for its habitat value.

A property assessment will identify your property’s special features such as threatened and rare plant communities and animals, and provide advice on best management strategies. There are additional benefits for landowners who register their properties with Land for Wildlife such as a regular newsletter, further information, opportunities to share their experiences with other landholders and partner organisations.

In New South Wales the project is coordinated by the Community Environment Network in partnership with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and with funding from South East Local Land Services. In the Australian Capital Territory it is funded by the ACT Government and the Community Environment Network.

For further information, contact Lesley: K2C LfW