Snakes Alive, 15-21 Jan, ANBG

Snakes Alive organised by K2C supporter, ACT Herpetological Association, a great success in January.

In recent issues we have advertised Snakes Alive that is held each January at the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra. This is a great event that helps people get acquainted with some of our most precious local reptiles. Apart from being able to hold non-venomous reptiles and to hear talks on caring for and conserving reptiles and frogs, visitors were able to see six venomous snakes up close and three threatened local species: grassland earless dragon, striped legless lizard and green and golden bell frog. Almost 40 species were on display. Over the last thirty years or so, up to 100,000 people have attended the event. 

We are reliably informed that this year’s Snakes Alive was very successful. 3170 visitors attended, though the final three 39 degrees days dampened the crowd numbers. This year's attendance was 500 more people than the average of previous three years. Organisers say that ‘publicity’ greatly assisted and included 'generous’ articles in the Canberra Times (especially Tim the Yowie Man’s article on errant pythons in Canberra's bushland), interviews and announcements on 666 and other radio stations, street signage in front of the ANBG, publicity through the ACTHA and ANBG Facebook sites and websites, and general distribution of our fliers through many networks, including K2C.