South East LLS preparing investment plan

Report on 20 October K2C Mini forum with presenter Jo Roberts

20 OCTOBER 2017. Jo Roberts, Stakeholder & Investment Coordinator, South East Local Land Services (SE LLS), outlined her agency’s preparatory work for the next round of Regional Land Partnership Fund at the K2C mini forum. 

This nicely followed on from the 18 August mini forum at which Tim Wong reported on the ACT government’s approach (see August K2C Update). By the way, Friends of Grasslands and K2C organised a workshop on 24 October to develop ACT’s plans in respect of grasslands including cross boarder projects. 

The Regional Land Partnership Fund will provide five year funding from 2018-2023 spread amongst the 56 NRM regions across Australia. Until the 30 June 2018 the current NLP will continue to fund LLS and community projects. Currently some 17% of SE LLS activity is financed from the current National Landcare Program. Through a new approach for regional allocations, each region will have the opportunity to prepare a tender to provide or coordinate services to deliver required outcomes for the next phase. At least 20% of each bid must be devoted to community programs. The bad news is that 2018-2023 Fund will be substantially less than its predecessor. 

At the mini forum, Jo answered many questions and participants made many suggestions. K2C will be involved in future community discussions that will progress the plan. 

The next mini forum, details available elsewhere, will take place on 8 December. K2C Mini Forums are open to K2C Partners, their staff and volunteers, K2C Associate Members and Invited Guests.